Experience Travel Group

Klood have worked with Experience Travel Group to create a full inbound marketing strategy.

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Experience Travel Group

Klood Digital work together with Experience Travel Group, creating a full inbound marketing strategy that has been implemented and set up through the full use of HubSpot.

By taking a full-funnel marketing approach, we created a Facebook campaign that had three tiers to allow us to nurture a cold audience through their buyer's journey.

Using Experience Travel Group’s blogs, we were able to promote content at the awareness stage to new a new audience and then nurture them further by targeting them with consideration and decision stage content to drive them to get in touch to discuss their planned holiday with Experience Travel Group’s travel experts.

Klood utilised the following tactics for this strategy:

  • Social advertising that channels an inbound approach to promote the content created
  • The automated email marketing to nurture those through the buyer's journey funnel
  • The creation of landing pages, pillar pages, CTA’s to aid the content made

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