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The Klood GamePlan

At Klood, we recognised that in order for our client base to increase, we needed a clear roadmap of how we would achieve this. That’s why we sat down and formulated our own GamePlan.

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What is the GamePlan?

A document that serves as a detailed framework for all of our inbound marketing activities.

It helps us to coordinate our marketing efforts towards reaching the goals and targets we’ve set for our business in the long and short term.

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To create an effective GamePlan, we started by investigating our current market position, customer base and value proposition.

We then used this data to integrate elements such as website development, content marketing, search marketing and social media.

There are four key components:

  1. Self Assessment
  2. Buyer Personas
  3. Build the Engine
  4. Inbound Campaigns


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But the GamePlan doesn’t stop at the implementation stage of a campaign.

Once we had everything up and running, we committed ourselves to consistently and continuously tracking and measuring our progress.

This enabled us to effectively improve and adapt our campaigns by responding to real-time data.

Furthermore, our carefully carved out GamePlan provides us with a clear vision of our buyer personas and who we work best with.

This means that our client relationships are based on a mutual understanding of the end goal, helping us to generate valuable results and ROI for everyone involved.

What benefits have we seen for our own marketing?

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At Klood, we sell a multi-dimensional, service-based product that often requires buy-in from a multitude of stakeholders. This makes for a complex sales process and a buyer’s journey that involves a lot of trust-building and genuine engagement.Gameplan case-study 01-03

The process of formulating a GamePlan has enabled us to develop our brand’s story, ensuring that it makes sense to our customers and coordinates the efforts of our entire team.

When clients see that there are no discrepancies in our proposals, that we are able to offer the right information at the right time and that we practice what we preach, it makes for a much smoother and more successful sales process.

How the GamePlan helped us:

Our agency now has a core focus. While we are always open to exploring new avenues, the research and results showed that our A-game lies within helping businesses in the SaaS industry. So from a sales and marketing perspective, our growth goals reflect this focus.

Our message is clear: We help SaaS companies generate and convert more leads.

An aligned short-term strategy. Within a three month period, we directed our resources towards pushing a full digital marketing campaign, hyper-focused on capitalising on the strengths of our business.

We achieved this by publishing great content that helps our targeted buyer persona:

A full view of our current online customer journey. Understanding what our customers see when they visit our website has helped us to review our approach and streamline any frictions.

Have you enjoyed scrolling through our fresh new website?

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The real results:

When comparing our performance to the same period last year, our results showed that the implementation of the GamePlan has achieved the following:

  • Session to contact conversion rate improved across the website by 112%.
  • Landing page views to submissions increased by 32.81%.
  • New contacts increased by 117.16 %. 

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Change is necessary for growth – even for marketing agencies.

Not only do we practice what we preach, but we continuously learn and optimise our own performance.

Building a GamePlan is not without its challenges. You and your team may be confronted by tough, but necessary questions.

It’s then crucial to commit to the implementation of your carefully structured campaigns and make sure that everyone is working towards the same goal.

If you’d like to learn more about how we transformed our business and what we can do to achieve the same results for yours, book a free consultation today.

"Our strategy day with Klood was very insightful, the buyer persona piece really helped us to understand our ideal client. The Gameplan will be the foundation of our inbound marketing strategy and is essential in taking it forward"

Gregg Lander - Occam